Photography Competitions

Jelly Fish
Hi. If you're an amateur or pro photographer who would like to try entering your photographs in competitions, you've come to the right place.

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Whether you win or not, entering competitions can be a great way to improve your photography skills, motivate you to stretch your photographic range, and to show your talents to a large audience. Take a look at the article: Tips for Winning Photo Contests. Readers have added their own tips in the comments section and you're welcome to add your own.

Be sure to click on the "Older Posts" link right at the bottom of the page to see more photo contest opportunities.

Have details of a photography competition that you'd like to pass on?
Email me at: editor (at) photocompetitions (dot) com (dot) au. Please take a look at the Artists Bill of Rights guide for competition organisers first.


  1. Hi i was searching for photo competitions and I found this one also which seems good...I couldnt find your contact details so sorry I had to post a comment. just check out the site

    thanks by crazycomper

  2. Thanks Crazycomper. The competition is open until 15 September 2011 and the prize is a Lumix tough compact digital camera. I'll put the details on this site.
    Cheers, Dianne

  3. Thank you Dianne for this site you've set up - it's a great resource and I'll be checking in with interest. Renee

  4. Dianne McLay5:37 PM

    The entry on this blog for the Wilderness Tours photo competition is:

  5. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Super idea, Dianne! :) (Nathan Hall)

  6. is also holding a photography competition. Winner gets $100 cash.

  7. Anonymous9:10 AM

    what are the latest comps? They all seemed to have finished?

  8. I think I've seen the first ever blog provides the opportunity for newbie or unskilled photographer. It sounds good and being prepared for upcoming photo contests with improving skill.

  9. I have read many blogs in the net but have never come across such a well written blog. Good work keep it up

  10. Kathy Burns ( PM

    I volunteer with a mental health photography group in Victor Harbor, SA, which has been running now for over 3 years. We have become a great social group and entered our first competition a few months ago and the guys got so much pleasure in seeing their photos on display. We don't have any professional guidance, we just bumble along, but have managed to take some fantastic shots! This site will be a informative platform for me to access any competitions we can enter in the future.

    1. I'm a big fan of just bumbling along. Feel free to send links to your group's photo competition entries. I'm sure we'd all love to see their work.