CLOSED - Travel Photography Competition

Seaworld Show - Gold Coast
If you've always wanted to be a travel photographer and have your image printed in a major newspaper, here's your chance.

News Limited is running a weekly Your Holiday travel photography competition. The top ten images each week will be featured on Reader votes determine the weekly winner who will collect $200 and have their photo printed in the Escape section of the newspaper. The best photograph of the year receives $1,000.

Deadline:  Each Thursday at 5pm and the competition will end on 31 December 2011

Note: You can only enter one photo each week.

Prizes: Weekly winner $200. Best photograph of the year $1,000

Photo size:  3 - 10MB jpg

Email to:

Info to include:  Brief description, your name, address and phone number

Terms & Conditions

WebsiteYour Holiday travel photography competition

This competition is being run in conjunction with a travel writing competition, so if you have up to 500 words on a fascinating travel destination, you'll find entry details on the website as well.


  1. Shannon Ryan7:11 PM

    Do you know any of the terms and conditions, because I'm unsure how to get to it's original site. Can you help?

  2. Dianne McLay2:36 PM

    Hi Shannon. Here's a link to the terms and conditions:

    Good luck with the competition. Let me know if your work is featured or you win a prize.

    Cheers, Dianne (editor)