Australian Weather Calendar Photo Competition - Closed for 2011

Did you know that the weather has its own calendar?

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society have produced a photographic weather calendar since 1985. Now that you know, start looking for spectacular photos of:

• clouds
• thunderstorms
• lightning
• rainbows and
• tornadoes

And I learned something else after looking at the Bureau of Meteorology website -- there is a cloud appreciation society. If you've ever looked up and thought, "nice clouds today", have a look at

DEADLINE: 31 March 2011

Winning photographers receive three calendars.

You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your photo will be admired by thousands of people the world over as weather calendars are distributed throughout Australia and internationally.



  1. How to join the contest? I want to drop an inquiry and hoping to be part in the contest.

  2. Hi Kelly - Just go to the website listed above and you'll find an entry form.

  3. I really like your website... I have taken lots of photos through my walks and around our stunning national parks... To be featured on BOM calendars will be a great reward...

  4. Glad you like the site. Let me know how you go with your Australian Weather Calendar entry.