iPhone Photography Competition - CLOSED

iPhone Photo by Naomi Irvin
I've always said I'd like a really good SLR camera, with a phone attached. Alas the major camera manufacturers aren't doing this, yet.

However, I've been seeing some pretty good images coming from iPhones lately. If you're a keen photographer with an iPhone, you can almost turn it into an SLR camera by adding an iPhone Lens Kit, giving you a telephoto lens, a wide-angle lens, plus macro (extreme close-up) and fish-eye (extreme wide-angle) lenses.

This month - October 2011 - you can win a lens kit from the folks at Hide & Seek who create cute and useful guide books for Australian cities. They're written by locals who reveal the hidden treasures that you'll find off the usual tourist trails.

To enter, you'll need to 'like' Hide & Seek on their Facebook page and then email a photo taken on your iPhone to info (at) exploreaustralia (dot) net (dot) au.

Deadline: 31 October 2011

Competition PageHide & Seek

Note:  Competition open to Australians only and entrants must be over 13 years of age.

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  1. Dianne ( editor)2:01 PM

    An anonymous comment was recently sent in with concerns that by entering this competition you would be giving away the copyright of your photo. Anonymous makes an important point because many competitions do require, in their Terms & Conditions that you give copyright to the promoter.

    In the case of this competition, when you enter, you are giving Hide & Seek permission to put your image on their Facebook page. I think this is a very reasonable request and they give you the option of asking for it not to be displayed if you wish.

    Anonymous does raise an important issue for photographers, both amateur and professional. It's a good idea to check the Terms & Conditions to see how your photo will be used. I usually post a link if these are hard to find on competition websites.

    An example of very reasonable terms & conditions can be found on the Burrard-Lucas photography site. They're photographers themselves and respect your copyright. You can read their very simple wording here:

    Anonymous, thank you for raising this issue and if you have any other information on copyright for photographers that might be useful to readers of this blog, please email me at: editor (at) photocompetitions (dot) come (dot) au.

    Dianne (editor)