Wotif Photo Competition - CLOSED

Cairns Esplanade Lagoon Pool, a website for booking discounted accommodation, is hosting a photo contest on their Facebook page. You can also submit a video. The prize for the winning entry is five nights at any Mantra hotel in Australia. (I really enjoyed my stay at the Mantra Esplanade in Cairns earlier this year. It's in a great location, opposite the huge lagoon pool on Cairns' esplanade.)

All you have to do is answer: 'Wot would you do for a room?' Some of the photographic answers so far include a lady kissing David Hasselhoff, a disturbing number of people dressing and painting themselves in green (Wotif's colour) and someone promising to roller skate to work for a week.

This is more a competition about having fun and getting your friends to vote for your entry, rather than photographic skill. The picture with the most votes wins.

Deadline: Monday 7 November 2011 (5pm)

Prize: 5 nights at an Australian Mantra hotel

Website: Wotif Photo Competition

Note:  You have to be over 18 to enter and an Australian Facebook fan

Terms & Conditions

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