Your Best Shot Photography Competition, the online site of Popular Photography magazine, runs a monthly Your Best Shot photography competition. There's no particular subject matter they're after. The judges are simply looking for your "most creative and well done work". 

Finalists are featured on the website and each month, the best photo is printed in Popular Photography magazine, which by the way, has a readership of over 2 million. That's pretty good exposure for your photograph. There's also prizes for the top three photographers.

The magazine also runs a monthly Photo Challenge which, in the past, has included: adventure photography, concert photos and images taken at dawn or dusk. You'll find details of the latest photo challenge at the website below.

DEADLINE  end of each month

1st $300 cash
2nd $200 cash
3rd $100 cash


Rules: here - take special note of the second sentence under "General Rules" before submitting your photo.

Editor's Note:  Just a bit extra about Popular Photography...I've subscribed to this magazine (from Australia) in the past and if you're wanting to improve your photography, there's plenty to learn each month.  Currently (Feb 2012), Australians can subscribe via the website for $31.93 Australian dollars for 12 issues. At $2.66 an issue delivered to your door, that's pretty good value.

In the US, a yearly subscription is $14 and in Canada $22.


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Thanks, but no thanks: "By entering, you grant to Sponsor a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to edit, publish, promote, republish at any time in the future and otherwise use your submission, along with your name and likeness, in any and all media for any purpose, without further permission, notice or compensation".

  2. Editor4:10 PM

    Thanks Anonymous. You make a very good point. Photographers need to read the terms and conditions carefully before entering a photo competition. Have a look at the article "Protect your copyright" (You'll see a link in the right hand column under the "Pages" heading.)

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    it wouldn't be fair if we didn't get any credit for the photograph we took