Magazines with Photo Competitions

Quite a number of magazines, both Australian and international, have regular photo competitions. I'll be adding more to this list as I find them. If you come across any in your travels, let me know:  editor (at)


Australian Photography magazine

Burke's Backyard magazine
Reader's photos can win a one-year subscription and another monthly prize.

PhotoReview Australia

Digital Photography + Design

Way2go magazine

Australian Traveller magazine

New Scientist - International

Popular Photography

NEW IDEA - Australian

There are a few opportunities to submit photos to Australia's New Idea magazine:

  • Take a photo of yourself or a friend reading a copy of New Idea magazine, prefereably in an exotic location, and if it's published, you receive $100.
  • Submit a photo of your children with a short comment about what's happening in the picture. Best image receives $100 and all published photos earn $25.
Email photos and comments to: 
  • letters (at) newidea (dot) com (dot) au
  • childrensworld (at) newidea (dot) com (dot) au.

My tip is to buy or borrow a copy of the magazine ($4.00 in Australia) to see what the editors are after before submitting your photograph.


  1. JulieM10:45 PM

    Hi Editor - Walks Australia magazine has regular competitions (with outdoor gear prizes) for photographs taken while out walking and accompanying words.

  2. Dianne - Photo Comp editor4:22 PM

    Thanks for the tip Julie.

    Dianne (editor)

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Aus Photo has a new comp for March - 'Repetition', but don't forget to read the terms - they can do what they like with your image, forever, whether you win or not...

    "3. You acknowledge that Yaffa may use all intellectual property rights in your content throughout the world, in perpetuity, without restriction and without making payment to you, including publication of that material in hard copy publications or in electronic media, using your content in advertising and promotional material for Yaffa and permitting others to do any of these, including when Yaffa and others receive payment for this."

  4. Thanks for the tip. Will be interested in taking part, cool competition